The HBEC Switzerland Advantage

HBEC Switzerland GmbH is renowned for its intensive and hands-on style of teaching Switzerland standard Hospitality Management Programs that prepare talented and dedicated young professionals – those who have a passion for Luxury Hotel Management to explore their talents and capabilities and learn from real world experience. HBEC Switzerland campus(s) bring students, professional instructors, chefs, HM specialists and associated professionals from the hospitality, as well as travel & tourism industry; on one platform of education to create new standards of excellence and creativity.

All campuses in India are extensions of the HBEC main campus located at Wittenbach, Switzerland. They have been established to enable talented youngsters of India to attain and achieve international quality of professionalism and excellence in the various fields of Hospitality industry. Learn, Earn & Achieve is the basic fundamentals of all HBEC training programs.

Established in 2007, HBEC – “Hospitality Business Education College” is an accredited business school located in the heart of St. Gallen, Switzerland. At HBEC, we focus on business education and we believe that our business degrees represent excellent opportu­nities delivered by an institution with significant experience in training business managers. Our curriculae have been developed with input from leading businesses in Hotel / Resort industry to give your career a competitive edge. At HBEC, we know how to help you reach your goals and achieve a suc­cessful career. We benefit from nearly a decade of experience, an outstanding business expertise with a focus on your future em­ployability. Our passion for innovation is reflected in our unique tea­ching style, which combines academic excellence, practical skills and real-world relevance. At HBEC, we are recognized for excellence in business education and we are fully accredited by major accre­ditation bodies. HBEC is also a member of prestigious organizations. HBEC benefits from a solid reputation among recruiters and hundreds of HBEC graduates are successful in their business lives thanks to the knowledge and skills acquired at our Business School.