Career Guidence

International careers of Swiss standard

HBEC’s core team of instructors and educators have worked and attained experience in several countries of the world and bring their real-life experiences to the students educational programs. There are various factors that influence student career development including (but not restricted to) their

      1. Natural interests
      2. Abilities
      3. Capabilities
      4. Cultural values
      5. Ethics
      6. Personality
      7. Family background
      8. Social interactivity, and
      9. Life experiences

At HBEC campus(s), our Administrators & Staff understand that ‘career development’ is more than just deciding on a diploma or degree and the career & jobs that students’ want when they graduate. In reality – it’s a life-long process of change and development; and more importantly the decisions that each one makes as change happens.

HBEC staff members ensure that students are guided, helped and mentored to make the decisions that are needed to be made – right now, and also as their career progresses, by enabling students with the required knowledge and skills that will make each one self-reliant and confident in their abilities.

HBEC Career Counseling Sessions

  • Help students understand who they are and what they want out of education, career and life. (Self-realization).
  • Counselors are always available during working hours to listen to students about their thoughts, ideas, feelings and concerns about student’s career and educational choices – and help to sort out, organize and make sense of the various thoughts and feelings.
  • Counselors help students to identify the factors influencing career development; and assess individual interests, abilities and life-values.
  • Help students locate sources of career information and resources for career development.
  • Help students determine their plan in detail to achieve their career goals.