Kaiser's XE - International Young Chefs Club

Kaiser’s XE – International Young Chefs Club – powered by HBEC Switzerland.

Welcome to the online HQ from Kaiser’s XE International Young Chefs Club– the dynamic international network of the ‘Hospitality Business Education College’ [HBEC] Switzerland. Our focus is to reach out to young chefs around the world to encourage their talents and the development of Kaiser’s XE IYC Club members to develop and deliver the activities of club’s Culinary Culture Exchange initiative and the HBEC Young Chef Forum.

With the strong foundations of Education, Culture, Cuisine and Friendship, we provide professional guidance and mentoring to our members – delivering a truly ‘Swiss Class’ educational and mentoring forum to empower culinary excellence through the culture of life-long learning and leadership through cultural understanding.

“It’s not only a career, it’s a lifestyle”……

Your success depends on your being a part of the IYCC – with the advantages of:

1) Networking:

As a member, you will have immediate access to various networking opportunities with fellow young chefs as well as a community of mentor chefs who will guide you along your career path.

2) Personality Development:

Personal development is essential to every young chef who is keen on achieving a planned career path to success. From career options to team leadership, the mentor chefs will always be there to guide and mentor you with options and experienced advice. These opportunities are endless and perpetual.

3) Career Opportunities:

In the competitive world of culinary, enhancing and upgrading your skill-set is very important and essential. As a member, you will benefit from the international education programs developed by world renowned chefs as well as gaining direct advice from professional and experienced global chefs.

Membership Advantages:

1) Educational:

Certification from HBEC Switzerland for various courses – short-term to PGDM.

2) Competition:

Take part in various national and international competitions in the verticals of: Culinary Arts & Hot Kitchen, Pastry Art, Carving, & Catering Kitchen.

3) Opportunities:

Work and train to becoming a Global Master Chef. Work with technology partners to combine your culinary creativity with special knowledge of technology of commercial cooking equipment and its advantages – while helping develop a streamlined, sustainable cooking processes.

4) Communities:

Become part of global communities like ‘World Chefs without Borders’ and ‘Feed the Planet’; and take part in the “International Chefs Day’ competitions – on 20th October of every year.

5) Other advantages:

      1. Your annual club membership has included benefits towards:
      2. Free Culinary Seminary in HBEC campuses worldwide.
      3. Discount in entry fees for: Culinary workshops, Wine – tasting, Bar & Liquor workshops.
      4. Discount in Fees for: Specialized crash courses in international cuisine [conducted by renowned international chefs].
      5. Discount in entry fees for: Creativity Cuisine & Finishing Touch courses.
      6. Sponsored entry into national & international competitions.
      7. Advisory & Mentoring services for career opportunities in foreign countries.
      8. Study & Training Tours to partner campuses abroad, with placement opportunities.

Special Benefit:

Kaiser’s XE IYC club membership and many of its benefits* are fully free for all students of HBEC Switzerland courses, internationally.

*T&C apply

For details, registration form & membership – please email fasttrack@hbec-ari.com or

Call +91 9967970067. We look forward to welcoming you to Kaiser’s Club.