HBEC Switzerland’s Outlook and Values

To achieve excellent standards of quality education in Hospitality Management by keeping pace with rapidly changing technologies and to help create managers with technical talents of global standards and capabilities to accept new challenges in an ever-evolving international market”.

HBEC Degree is a transformative experience delivered by an institution with significant experience in educating managers. Our challenging program has been designed with input from business leaders to give your career a competitive edge that develops global strategic, integrated views of organizations together with management at individual, group, organizational and strategic levels, as well as current theories in the management of global businesses. Our Degree will provide you with cutting-edge perspectives, new lines of thought and innovative solutions to real-world problems. The program aims to foster cri­tical and analytical skills for graduates by merging the latest trends in management theory with the practical skills that employers need.

Students will gain the skills necessary to understand how an organization can achieve a competitive advantage through its supply chain design and operations. HBEC Degree will provide you with the ability to think and respond in a strategic manner to the issues that global companies are facing. You will be able to create new, and improve existing corporate management strategies. Your will develop vital skills that will help you maximize corporate value while minimizing corporate risks.

HBEC Skill Development Program

HBEC Switzerland’s Wittenbach campus has already created a platform for success that has been proven many times over as the best springboard for talented students to achieve top success in the global hospitality industry. HBEC programs not only teach the conventional topics / subjects of the hospitality & tourism industry;

but also instruct and guide students in the areas of

Technology infusion & Skill development

Entrepreneurship and skills in advanced business techniques

Motivational training sessions

Competency for improved management performance

Human Resources management and practices with deep understanding and empathy

Advanced skills for effective and profitable Office Management & Change Management